Numerology: The Meaning of Numbers and How to Use Them 

The more we get to know ourselves and the world around us, the more rewarding and harmonious our life gets to be. In order to continue supporting all those interested in self growing and personal development we chose to invite a consultant in Numerology to talk at our next event in London, on December 6, at 18 Fitzhardinge St, Manchester Square, London, W1H 6EQ. This event addresses the Romanian community of professionals working and living in London and it will be held in Romanian. 

Our guest, Cristina Rozorea, consultant in Numerology, tells us a bit about what the event has at its core: 

“Numerology is a very old science. The version taught nowadays was introduced in the West with the teachings of Pitagora, the Greek Mathematician and Philosopher, who lived between 581- 500 BC. Originally this type of knowledge was being taught to small groups of people in the East by a handful of initiated teachers. 

The art of Numerology can teach us how to use the power of numbers in our favour. By using it, we get to learn more about ourselves, and how to turn a fault, a minus in our personality traits into something positive, a plus. 

Numerology teaches us to take action in the most appropriate moments in order to take advantage of the positive vibrations of the universe, to moderate ourselves and wait for the less favourable moments to pass and make room for the good auspices.

Numerology is the art of asking questions and finding answers so we get to know ourselves better and to deepen the relationship each of us has with the universe. “ 

Thank you to our sponsors and partners