Our Events 

Our events at In Capital Productions are tailored to suit the needs, interests and life style of the foreign born professional living and working in London.

The preferred language of our life style events is English however if a speaker will feel more open to communicate by use of his native language, we will make sure to accommodate that need by use of an interpreter or subtitles.

Our events will cover areas related to self development and personal growth, including: presentation skills for all, creativity, health and nutrition, parenting , social status, national and inter-national identity, traditions, Western versus Eastern values, and desacralisation versus spirituality.

The speakers we will invite to chair our events will be public figures, professors, writers, sportsmen, TV personalities, scientists or actors, otherwise, people who have either studied or practiced in the field our subject will be stemming from; who can offer expertise, bring depth and uncover a fresh perspective over the chosen topic.

Be it a conference, a TED talk style presentation, an Intelligence Squared type of debate or a hands-on workshop, our events will approach subjects that are intriguing, not explored enough, perhaps taboo and in need of an open dialogue. We strive to help bring a deeper understanding, to shed light on darker areas and encourage the flux of information flow.

We want to open up a dialogue in a space where curiosity, kindness and respect are valued. Let’s lend our ears to others and listen to what they have to say. Non-judgemental, unopinionated and non-biased we may broaden our horizons and perhaps, see the world in a light we have never seen it before.