Cherish Life

Our first event is dedicated to the Romanian community. We invited Andreea Marin, a popular Romanian TV personality, to talk about a range of topics to do with women, motherhood, professional and personal development at Princess Anne Theatre, BAFTA.

Andreea Marin is a public figure in Romania, famous for her warm and down to earth approach to people. She started her career as a TV reporter, went on to be a news anchor and then host of Saturday night show “Surprise, Surprise” which held ratings high for years until it came to a natural end in 2008 after 9 years of existence.

Andreea has recently started a new collaboration with ProTV in Romania as one of the Jury members in the dance competition “Uite cine Danseaza” (“Look who’s dancing tonight”). But she is coming to London as a friend, not as a jury member, to talk to people about her own life experience and encourage a free open discussion. She will touch on diverse subjects such as motherhood, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, parenting, happiness, how to maintain the balance between mind, body and soul, andhow to deal with failure and with success in life.

Niki Bruckner, The Flower Story, Upper Class Chauffeur,
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