Our aim is to create a friendly environment where participants feel in-cluded
and are constantly encouraged to express their opinions freely.

  • Our Values

    In Capital Productions is a London based events company. It emerged out of the need for professionals of foreign descent living and working in London to have a place where they can exchange opinions freely, learn of other people’s perspective, and talk openly about topics they would like extra support with in order to acquire a deeper understanding. Having a voice is a human value we stand by and hold in high esteem at In Capital Productions. In fact, it is the rock on which we build this enterprise.

  • Our Work

    Our events company focuses on topics of self-development, ranging from migration to health, entrepreneurial spirit to spirituality, parenting to meditation, self defense to social media power. There won’t be one preferred matrix in which our events will be organized. We want to maintain full flexibility and decide what venue and layout will benefit the topic most. Every event will be unique in its own way. It can be a panel talk with open microphone, a conference followed by Questions & Answers, an art installation or interactive performance, a play, and even a video production.

  • Our Inspiration

    Inspired by a constant interaction with people of different nationalities living in London, by studies of human psychology, a series of great TED Talks and socio-political talks on Intelligence Squared, In Capital Productions would like to mix fun with knowledge, art with science, entertainment with information, to shape up vibrant engaging life-style events.

  • Our Goals

    Our aim is to create a friendly environment where participants feel in-cluded and are constantly encouraged to express their opinions freely.
    In an ideal scenario, the outcome of our events would be: increased inspiration, positivity, tolerance, support, empathy, self-confidence and drive.

  • Our Drive

    In a world which holds high such values as individualism, consumerismself-sufficiency, and competition, In Capital Productions would like to revive and sustain an environment conducive to strengthen relations, and to nurture a sense of community, openness and freedom of speech.
    Strength lies in our communication skills. How good are we at making our point come across with clarity and kindness, without trying to impose it on others? How free of preconceptions and judgmental thoughts are we to listen and accept another (perhaps opposite) point of view? How much do we know about something we feel so strongly about?
    Opinions rather than opinionated points of views is what we want to encourage people to express gracefully during our events.

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